Our 2017 Annual Report shows that persistence pays! Explore our wildlife victory timeline, program successes, and so much more.

Efforts to protect New Mexico’s wildlife have been a priority throughout our organization’s history, and 2017 saw momentum continue to build in our efforts to ban trapping on public lands. One important victory occurred when the State Game Commission couldn’t stop our federal lawsuit challenging cougar trapping! Twice a judge denied their motions to dismiss our lawsuits!

Read more about wildlife issues and our efforts on their behalf in the Timeline feature of the Report (pages 14-15), which looks at milestones from 1993 to 2017. Read more >>


This year’s Report also highlights our powerful and effective partnership between Animal Protection of New Mexico and its legislative arm, Animal Protection Voters. They work hand-in-hand to achieve so much more good for animals.

A chart on page 22 illustrates how we intend to make an impact on animal issues over the next decade using this dual approach. Read more >>

We know you’ll enjoy reading the heartwarming story of a dog named Maya, whose rescue was facilitated by our Animal Cruelty Case Manager. You’ll also be encouraged by the progress made in moving more laboratory chimpanzees to sanctuary, the transformations happening for students who experience our humane education presentations, our relentless efforts to bring about positive legislative changes for animals, and our work to get dogs off chains and keep horses at home (out of the slaughter pipeline).

Let's celebrate these achievements!

But let’s also recognize that much more work needs to be done to make humane the new normal in New Mexico. We can’t do it alone. We need you.

Your gift today will accomplish the same thing: helping animals in need while, just as importantly, supporting the challenging road to enact pro-animal laws and policies, resulting in real, foundational change. Please give online at apnm.org/donate and apvnm.org/donate.

Thank you for joining us in helping to create a better world for animals.


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