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Have you seen the news? This shocking story in the Albuquerque Journal reported that a man posing as a licensed veterinarian committed unspeakable acts of cruelty against animals placed in his care. For more than twenty years, with absolutely no veterinary training, this imposter has illegally and irresponsibly performed procedures that put innocent animals’ lives at risk.

We are incredibly grateful to the members of the Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force for investigating this situation, arresting the perpetrator, and seeking criminal charges.

But to this day, state law hasn’t allowed the New Mexico Board of Veterinary Medicine to take action against laypersons practicing veterinary medicine without a license. The Board’s hands have been tied—but that’s about to change.

In 2017, Animal Protection Voters worked with leading New Mexico veterinarians to successfully pass House Bill 219, a bill that included a provision finally giving the NM Board of Veterinary Medicine the authority to bring civil action against those illegally practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

Taking effect on July 1, 2018—just a few days from today—that provision in HB 219 allows the Board to hold a hearing, levy up to $5,000 in fines, require the violator to pay for the cost of Board’s investigation, and impose other Board-approved sanctions.

Because of our work on HB 219—made possible by generous donors—this reckless man who left one puppy dead and several more injured due to botched illegal medical procedures (and may have harmed many more animals for decades) will face serious consequences.

This is exactly the type of systemic change that Animal Protection Voters fights for. When we hear from our communities and partners that the law is allowing animal abusers to get little more than a slap on the wrist, we listen. We take action. We change the law.

We can’t continue to do this work without support from caring people like you. Please donate to Animal Protection Voters so that we can keep fighting to change the laws and improve animals’ lives in New Mexico.



P.S. Authorities believe there are many others who have been scammed by Adam “Rick” Sanchez, the man in the Journal article who was arrested. Please call in any tips to (505) 314-0281 or (505) 975-8746.

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