Animal Protection of New Mexico and Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers Recognized by Albuquerque Public School Board

On September 5, 2018 Animal Protection of New Mexico and the Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers were recognized by the Albuquerque Public School Board for their work in public schools for humane education and dog safety techniques. APNM is very proud of its partnership with SCCV and we are honored to be acknowledged by the School Board.

Upper Left: Pictured from left to right are Todd Torgerson, Chief of APS Human Relations and Legal Support Services (at podium), Sherry Mangold, APNM Education Director/SCCV Evaluator-Facility trainer with therapy dog Erizo, Cindy Wacek, APNM educator/SCCV trainer with therapy dog Xena, and Delores Chamberlain, SCCV therapy dog handler.
Bottom Left: Therapy dog Erizo.
Upper Right: Therapy dogs Xena and Pretzel.
Bottom Right: Awardees present their documents: Cindy Wacek, Sherry Mangold, Delores Chamberlain, and Mike Salo, SCCV therapy dog handler with therapy dog Dennis. Photos by APNM.

Through the Animal Connection program APNM reaches out to New Mexico communities to enhance the human-animal bond and help improve safety with and compassion for animals.


Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers: “ARF Awards”

On September 23, Animal Protection of New Mexico was presented with the “Community Service Award “at Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers [SCCV] ARF! Award luncheon held at the Hotel Albuquerque. APNM's Executive Director Lisa Jennings and Deputy Director Daniel Abram were present to accept the award.

Left: SCCV member Patricia Newman presents Community Service Award to Daniel Abram and Lisa Jennings.
Right: Belle the Boxer congratulates the awardees.
Photos by Melissa Tucker.

SCCV is an all-volunteer organization that has been training therapy dogs for over 31 years. APNM and SCCV formed a partnership in 2011 when the therapy dog teams began assisting in the Animal Connection presentations on "Loose Dog and Bite Safety" and "Read to the Dogs."

The presentations have grown in popularity and now serve schools from Magdalena to Mora. In addition to the school programs, the APNM-SCCV partnership extends to a multitude of community events throughout New Mexico.

Because partnering with APNM has opened new opportunities for the therapy dogs and because APNM works for the betterment of all New Mexico animals, SCCV members voted unanimously to give the "Community Service Award" to APNM.

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